Rescue Success Stories

Swing that Tasha,
round and round,
she's adopted,
I'll be bound!
Happy Tasha,
on the farm,
chasing squeakies
all around!
Tasha gets to
live with nuns,
bet they know
alot of puns!

--Alice Barz, Georgia Samoyed Rescue

Have you ever asked yourself the question..."If I were a dog where would I want to live?" Most of us would probably answer, "Right here in my home." I would have thought the same thing until I placed a dog in a home that, if I were a dog, would be the best place I could ever imagine in a million years.

Tasha, at 8 and a half years old was being dispensed of bec the couple was going to adopt a baby. Tasha had learned early on that she could have her way with the mother if she growled occasionally. Now Tasha was not a big growler or anything, but she had managed to scare her mom early on and I just don't think the mother ever liked her.

Tasha was quite pretty and well cared for physically, but obviously she couldn't just go to any home if she had true dominance issues. in foster care she only demonstrated her brat behavior twice in about 10 days - and half heartedly to see how much mileage she could get out of it. (Not much, obviously).

Everybody who contacted Playing Again Sams seemed to want Tasha. Despite her age, I got more hits on her than any of my other dogs up there. Of course, I had to fully disclose her "issues." And if the family had young children, I would automatically rule them out even though I was pretty sure she probably wouldn't bother children.

Friday night I got a phone call from a sister mary theresa. They had found Tasha on my website. I thought it a little odd that a nun would ask me for a dog but I called back right away. I find out that these 6 nuns (with the help of some nigerian nuns) run a nursing home to which their own house is attached, and their previous samoyed used to be the resident dog and would roam the hallways. Of course I automatically told them about Tasha's flaws. "That's okay," they responded, "our other samoyed did the same thing." I soon realized they were quite dog savvy.

Attached to the 52 bed nursing home was a menagerie of the most wonderful animals one could imagine. I quickly took the day off yesterday, and hurried up to this home over an hour away from me. I wanted to go see the animals. I even wondered whether these 6 nuns would be wearing their traditional clothing. I was aiming to get up there before their daily mass (sinner that I am).

Oh my gosh I couldn't imagine how wonderful this farm was. They have 127 acres in the middle of acres of farmland. Sister Stephen was waiting for me as I pulled up. My first thought was, "that nun looks like she could be serving as a nurse in the Crimean War!"....long white clothing with a veil over her head. We bring Tasha in. everybody oohs and aahs over how pretty she was. Everybody wanted to take her around. Sister Stephen and I took her over to the nursing home part to see the residents. Everybody thought it was a resurrected "Chrissy" - their previous samoyed. Many, many happy faces.

Then sister stephen took me to see the animals. First the 3 emus, the potbellied pigs, the countless sheep and goats of all sizes, the cutest pigmy goats grazing in their enclosed yard, then all the llamas (24 of them), the pigmy donkeys (the cutest things), the 2 alpacas, the horses, the shetland pony and the one cow. With curiosity and NO pulling Tasha calmly greeted them all. The whole time there was a little flock of guinnea hens following us around. And of course the cats. Tasha was the gentlest spirit with them all. (I was just imagining what would have happened if I had brought Mickey or Lilly - perish the thought!!!!) they even had two border collies that worked the animals!

Tasha, who was going to be dispensed almost as an old couch, landed her own little piece of heaven. And if I were a dog, this would be my dream home too - attention 24 hours day, dogs to play with, and wonderful animals to visit.

A week after placement sr. mary theresa reports that everything is going "Veeeeerrrrrryyyyyy well!" And that everybody is so happy to see a samoyed in the home again. To contact the Sisters of Villa Loretto e-mail